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Intelligent online fleet
administration system

All data, processes and costs of your fleet in one place.

fleet data

All administrative and accounting information about the vehicle fleet in one system.


Save time and energy. Automate laborious processes.

General and costs

Thanks to Ecologic Fleet, you will automatically settle costs and generate account files.

Save 90% of your time spent on administration.

Ecologi Fleet will save your team up to 90% of the monthly time needed for administration compared to other systems available on the market.

Electronic protocols

Automatic protocol generation and full history of archival vehicle return/
handed over.

Fleet status history

View the status of your fleet for a specific day.

User history

Who used a specific car – the dates from/to.

Traffic tickets

History of all traffic tickets.

Traffic damage

Management of claim reporting and settlement process.

Budget management

Control of expenditures and coverage of the current budget.

Suppliers management

Database of contracts and suppliers, with a full history of cooperation.

Cost history

A quick overview of all incurred costs.

Fixed assets

Building, fixed asset, and other equipment management.

Mobile phones

Full management of phones, contracts and cost settlement.

Tires, repairs and services

Management of services and tire replacement.

Telematics data

Two-way synchronization between all data and telematics.

Automation of processes and tasks

No more manual duplication of repetitive activities. You can easily define “If This Then That” actions and triggers, and the system will automatically start processes when specific scenarios occur.

Ecologic Fleet can (among other things): generate documents automatically, allocate costs according to different criteria, send notifications, communicate with external systems and modify data.

Car return/handing

Automatically generate a protocol with the necessary information.

Handing/return of equipment

Automatically generate protocols and send the necessary instructions.

Vehicle booking

Automate the process of shared-car booking.

Employee onboarding

Automatically share regulations and collect required consents.

Tire replacement

Automatically indicate dates and service locations.

Traffic tickets

Automatically generate responses when a ticket is issued.

Vehicle inspection

Send vehicle inspection reminders and car service addresses automatically.

Cost accounting

Automatically account costs after importing invoices by following established rules.

Automatic cost accounting

No more manual cost accounting and the need to switch between several systems. Ecologic Fleet allocates all fleet costs in a few seconds based on contract data, product codes and car usage history. After collecting all of the data, it generates account files.

“Product flexibility, quick system operation and full on-line access contributed to the decision to start cooperation. Quick implementation and adaptation of the system to our needs in just a week confirmed our right choice. The perfect tool for people responsible for the Fleet Management. Everything you need in one place. Effective fleet administration requires an individual approach.”

Jarosław Jarosz
Fleet Manager, Ciech S.A.


You can easily build dashboards based on any aggregated data available in the system to create your dream fleet administrator panel.

Finally, you can assign other team members access to selected dashboards.


There are no two identically managed fleets. This is why Ecologic Fleet allows you to modify the structure of stored data or a previously defined rocess at any point in time. Thanks to this, you always have a tailor-made system.


Not everything is easy to read in table format. Using Ecologic Fleet, you can dynamically switch between table, kanban, calendar and map views.

Table view

The perfect view for daily work with all information regarding the fleet.

Kanban view

Perfect view if you want to quickly view data, e.g. by status or category.

Calendar view

Managing a fleet means dealing with a lot of important dates. The calendar view will help you keep track of all of them.

Map view

The map view will allow you to view all address data stored in the system.

Cooperation with team members

Cooperate with your whole team and increase fleet management efficiency. Ecologic Fleet allows you to give permissions to other team members with flexibility and to share responsibilities between users.

Universal task

Ecologic Fleet has a built-in task manager for every team member. The system will remind you about upcoming or overdue tasks.

Tasks can be linked to specific vehicles, suppliers, users, costs or they can be independent.

Access from any location

Ecologic Fleet does not require installation – it is available using the browser. You can securely access data from anywhere, so remote or field work will not be a problem. You can use a laptop, a computer or a tablet.

Mobile fleet assistant for employees

Provide mobile application to the drivers, thanks to which they will be able to: book pool cars, settle their private routes, remotely pick up and return cars, have access to the fleet policy and user documents or fuel card pin.


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