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Corporate Car Pooling

Ecologic empowers you to manage pool cars and start company car sharing
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Corporate Car Pooling

Car sharing management with ease

Maintenance-free management. Employees make reservations themselves via the mobile application. Clear information when cars are available, when to pick them up and when to return the key.

Corporate Car Pooling

Collection and return keys in the Mobile App

Each employee manages their private routes with ease by using the mobile application. Fuel pills are no longer required in the car. Private mode can be activated both before and after driving.

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Corporate Car Pooling

Automatic collection and return of keys

Ecologic.Key box will take over role of the dispatcher. Regardless of the day or time Box will issue employee with the appropriate key for the booked vehicle.

Corporate Car Pooling

Automatic creation of the protocols

No more paper protocols! You no longer have to investigate who drove the car on a given day and during whose use the vehicle was damaged. User history with electronic protocols available on the Ecologic portal.

Mobile fleet assistant

Carsharing, reservation, key maintenance

Thanks to Ecologic you can easily manage your pool cars and start a company car sharing. Employees reserve pool cars by the mobile app and remotely pick up keys from smart boxes delivered by Ecologic.

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