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Driving style analysis and driver training

Data collection, analysis, evaluation and training – this the process that allows us to improve the driving style of drivers in your company. Less mistakes made by users means more savings for your fleet.

Reliable analysis

Technique analysis – is the driver driving defensively?

We detect and analyse over 800 different incidents that translate into safe and economical driving.

Driving fluency

Can the driver predict a situation on the road? Does he accelerate and brake too often?

Driving in accordance with the regulations

Does the driver exceed speed limits in the city, outside the city or on a highway?

Adjusting to weather conditions

Does the driver perform dangerous manoeuvres during rain or snowfall?

driving track

Can the driver turn safely and fluently? Does he brake or accelerate on the curve?


Has the driver been driving for too long without a rest? Does he perform unexpected manoeuvres?


Does the driver change gears at the right moment? Does he try to maintain constant speed?

Reliable analysis

Contextual analysis – on what road and in what weather?

Contextual driving style analysis allows us to check how drivers behave in certain conditions.

Reliable analysis

Ecologic Index. Objective evaluation of the driver.

The Ecologic Index is an indicator that shows you how well drivers are driving in your company.

Scale from 0 to 100 points, red, orange or green score – a simple message and simple rules.
The Ecologic Index provides you with information in a transparent way but is based on advanced analysis of driving technique and contextual analysis. An objective assessment of what users do, allows us to train them better

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Interactive training

Virtual instructor – training all year round

Green Ecologic Index for as many drivers as possible – this is our goal. Ecologic will provide the driver suggestions to the driver about aspects that need improvement just like a driving instructor, 365 days a year.

Regardless of whether they use a smartphone, tablet or laptop, each driver has access to their individual and personalised profile 24 hours a day.

Maximisation of effects

Additional motivation to drive better

The Ecologic Index of the drivers can grow faster if you give them additional motivatione. Check what tools we have prepared to motivate drivers to drive better.
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