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Industry: FMCG

13 July 2020

U DRIVE is a fleet security program developed by Ecologic in cooperation with Unilever Poland.

Due to the success of this undertaking, we’ve also started cooperation with Unilever Baltic.


Unilever is one of the world leaders in the industry of fast-moving goods. The company owns 400 brands. The Polish branch employs over 3,000 people and has four factories. Unilever Baltic’s activities, as the name suggests, cover Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Company fleet structure

Unilever Poland: 367 vehicles
Unilever Baltic: 113 vehicles

The average mileage of Unilever’s company car is 3,500 km per month. The fleet includes Skoda and Ford cars on long-term lease. Company cars are used at every level of the company, from the management, through sales representatives and logistics, to marketing.

Determining customer needs

Caring for the safety of corporate drivers and other road users, as well as limiting the emission of harmful substances – these are elements of Unilever’s global policy.

For years, the Polish branch of the group has used various programs and solutions to help them fulfil the objectives of the head office.

Before implementing Ecologic, Unilever used two systems for monitoring and telematics simultaneously. They were based on permanently installed devices, which was expensive and laborious and resulted in cars being excluded from the fleet. In addition, using two different systems at the same time meant that fleet data was not consistent.

The disadvantage of these systems was also the general approach to telematics and monitoring, consisting of focusing on data, and not on effects i.e. better driving. Employees perceived these solutions as tools to control them, they associated them with penalties.

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How did Ecologic help?

Ecologic was initially implemented as a pilot program, in parallel to the systems already in place. Now it’s a permanent element of the fleet handling system, which facilitates management, improves drivers’ skills and brings savings.

U DRIVE, an automated incentive program created by Ecologic and Unilever and based on the principles of gamification, was mainly supposed to improve fleet security. The first stage alone brought such savings that the implementation of the Ecologic system paid for itself.

U DRIVE made the company’s claims ratio drop by nearly 30%. Unilever also saves several hundred thousand zlotys per year on fuel.

The organisation also points to other benefits, apart from those typically associated with costs. Drivers acceptance of the Ecologic system is much higher than in the case of standard monitoring and telematics, thanks to the use of positive motivation.

A benefit, from the perspective of Unilever managers, is also the ease of using the Ecologic system; there is no need for much involvement. At the same time, advanced Ecologic reports can help make key decisions about the fleet, regarding e.g. which cars to replace with hybrids.

System implementation time

14 days

Achieved effects

300 000 PLN

Savings on fuel

170 000 PLN

Savings on claims

1,02 L/100KM

Decrease in average fuel consumption

Functionalities used

Leasing contracts prediction

Analysis of leasing contracts compared with car mileage. If a surcharge awaits you at the end of the contract, the system will inform you about it.

Private Mode

Drivers can turn on the private mode. They are not visible to the administrator during this time. Their trips and positions are not recorded.

Incentive program

The Ecologic system has a built-in motivational tool that allows you to organise programs for employees, to encourage them to continually drive better. Competitions and challenges can be thematic.

Communication and automation

Current competition results, regulations, notifications regarding the incentive program – all of this is available to drivers in the Ecologic application. The system automatically provides employees with the information they need.

Customer’s opinion

Many years of cooperation

Ecologic is an innovative solution. We’ve cometo know this company quite well over many years of cooperation. The approach to the customer is flexible, which allows for quick customisation of the service.

Easy fleet management

The time I spend analysing data is very short because everything is shown in the form of transparent reports and dashboards.
Given the possibilities of Ecologic, we’ve decided to organise a joint program to increase the safety of employees driving company cars. It turns out we hit the bullseye. The average fuel consumption per 100 kilometres dropped by over 1 litre and claims by 27%.
Tomasz Syroka, Unilever, Fleet Manager