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British American Tobacco

Industry: FMCG


British American Tobacco is one of the largest tobacco concerns in the world, offering its products on over 200 markets.

The Polish division of BAT needed to economically and organizationally  optimise the operation of its car fleet Ecologic was there to help.

British American Tobacco aims to meet the needs of adult smokers. At the same time, it emphasises that it pursues commercial goals in a manner consistent with the rational expectations that society can have for a responsible tobacco producer in the 21st century.
In Poland, British American Tobacco has, apart from its headquarters in Warsaw, a factory in Augustów, employing approx. 1,400 workers. The group also includes the Chic company.

Company fleet structure

950 vehicles

British American Tobacco has a fleet of nearly 1,000 vehicles in Poland. Most, i.e. about 70%, are delivery vehicles used to deliver brand products.

Determining customer needs

British American Tobacco wanted to implement a system that would reduce the amount of insurance claims and fuel consumption. Another important need was to introduce a solution that would facilitate the daily operation of the fleet. During the talks, it turned out that Ecologic can collect data useful for the customer in the process of optimising the distribution and allocation of regions in the sales department.

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How did Ecologic help?

The implementation of the Ecologic system to the British American Tobacco fleet took only a month. After just three months, the first competition was organised, which lead to more defensive driving by BAT drivers, and thus operational savings.

The employee incentive program was more attractive for participants because of the fact that it’s modelled after the Champions League. Teams compete with each other at several levels of the competition.

The characteristics of British American Tobacco work require easy assignment of drivers to carpooling vehicles and choice of the territory in which they will operate on a given day. The Ecologic application, as a standard in each of its versions, allows employees to scan the QR code and log into a given car. In addition, a dedicated solution has been developed for BAT, which enables British American Tobacco drivers to select the region, in which they will drive, in the app.

Ecologic has proved useful in yet another process. Data from the system is used to optimise routes, which brings further savings in fuel and car use.

System implementation time

30 days

Functionalities used


Many drivers can use one vehicle. Assignment is automatic and doesn’t require any administrator involvement.

Territory selection

Before starting work, the drivers assign themselves to the territories in which they will work on a given day. It automates report creation.

Incentive program

The Ecologic system has a built-in motivational tool that allows you to organise programs for employees, to encourage them to continually drive better. Competitions and challenges can be thematic.

Filtering service trips

Routes covered by service employees are not assigned to any of the drivers. The system automatically detects and removes them.

Private trips schedule

Private routes are determined in advance by selecting the periods of time when they are to take place. The administrator sets the schedule for the entire company by himself.

Dedicated mobile application

The mobile application has been adapted to the requirements of British American Tobacco.

Customer’s opinion

Implementation of the system in the fleet

Implementing the system in a company with branches throughout the country is a large undertaking. There are over 900 cars driving for us, which makes us one of the biggest car fleets in the country. In this situation, Ecologic handled the implementation perfectly – both the logistics of the undertaking and the time in which it was organised were optimally planned.

Adapting to the customer’s needs

The characteristics of our work require drivers to log into vehicles and territories. The possibility of conducting such operations has been provided to us in an application dedicated specifically to our company. We also started organising the first competition relatively quickly, as it took place just 3 months after installing the devices.
I can definitely recommend Ecologic. It’s a professional company that makes every effort to meet even the most demanding customer’s needs, and that’s what we require from them.
Piotr Złoch, British American Tobacco, Route to Market Manager