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Industry: FMCG

21 June 2023

Fleet following the Sustainable Development Strategy.

The objectives for the upcoming years are to encourage safer and more economical driving as well as to simplify the work of drivers.


The largest manufacturer, importer and distributor of wines in Poland. Among their brands there are such icons as CIN&CIN, DORATO, EL SOL, FRESCO, PLISKA, PICCOLO, the most popular cider in Poland – CYDR LUBELSKI and the youngest brand WINIARNIA ZAMOJSKA. They are sales leaders in their market segments and a huge capital of trust that consumers have been placing in Ambra for years.

The average mileage of Ambra’s company car is about 2400 km per month.

Cars in the fleet are mostly Volkswagen and Skoda models.

Determining customer’s needs

Ambra’s main objective was to implement a system that would increase employee safety when using business vehicles and decrease fuel consumption, which would reduce fleet maintenance costs and CO2 emissions.

Company makes huge efforts to find balance between economical, environmental and societal aspects of it’s performance. Additionally, Ambra states that it is functioning in accordance with the concepts of sustainability and CSR. Ambra has made minimizing the impact of the corporation on the environment a top priority.

As is common, as time went on and the Ecologic system evolved, the ensuing needs also evolved dynamically. The next step was to extend the cooperation between Ecologic and Ambra – the module that enhances the driver’s work and communication with him as well as the ability to settle user accounts were added to the partnership.

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How did Ecologic help?

Ambra concentrates on digitizing its documents. Quick and easy access to information is essential for effective work. One of the most crucial presumptions of the project is the implementation of a variety of functionalities that assist in daily tasks for both the administrator and drivers. Additionally, a lot of focus was placed on encouraging staff members to drive responsibly and economically by setting up cyclical competitions as part of the ecodriving program. Gamification helped to cut down on both the typical fuel usage and the price of auto repairs.

The client makes the best use of the modules offered by Ecologic – including the Mobile Fleet Assistant, incentive programs, driving analysis and driver training. Mobile users get ongoing access to the most recent information about their vehicles. These include emergency protocols as well as insurance policies and fuel card PINs.

The Ecojazda Procentuje program is an initiative that has permanently sunk into the consciousness of the staff of the company. The competition rules are created to be as stimulating and efficient as possible thanks to the ongoing monitoring of employees’ driving techniques.

System implementation time

14 days

Achieved effects


Reduction of mechanical repairs costs


Decrease in claims


Decrease in average fuel consumption

Functionalities used

Communication and automation

Current competition results, regulations, notifications regarding the incentive program – all of this is available to drivers in the Ecologic application. The system automatically provides employees with the information they need.

User’s guide

Each driver has 24/7 access to the most important contact numbers ( service, tire replacement, etc.) via mobile App. Information related to car operation and answers to questions what to do when given situation occurs.


Enables addresses of points visited by drivers to be imported. Automates route reports, showing their percentage of their completion percentage.

Automated forms

The ability to create automated forms and deliver them to drivers is making the whole process much easier for everyone. Responses are given to the administrator in the form of summary reports.

Insurance policies

The insurance coverage is accessible through a mobile application.

Technical inspection reminder

Enables a date or distance travelled to be set, after which a reminder about technical inspections and service visits will be displayed.

Incentive program

The Ecologic system has a built-in motivational tool that allows you to organise programs for employees, to encourage them to continually drive better. Competitions and challenges can be thematic.

PINs for fuel cards

PIN code assigned to specific car is available for driver directly in his mobile application.

Fleet and sustainability

Motivates employee to economical driving
and promotes responsible usage of the company car.


Ambra Group, Annual Report 2019 – 2020

“A driving monitoring system was put into place by AMBRA S.A. in March 2018 in an effort to improve employee and other road user safety as well as environmental protection among business car users. Usage of the Ecologic system decreased both, the amount of fuel consumption and the number of traffic accidents.”

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Reduction of average fuel consumption


Ecologic helps with realization of

Sustainable Development Strategy 2020/2025

Customer’s opinion

Costs decrease

We created summaries at the start and end of the system’s operation in the company in order to evaluate the impact of cooperation with Ecologic. It is clear that the operating cost have decreased. These prices have stabilized in recent years. We have also seen a decline in vehicle collisions in our fleet, which is fantastic for both the safety of the users and the reduction of maintenance expenses.

Help in many different fields

Ecologic is a set of enhancements that are crucial for fleet management, including access to the insurance coverage or user manual in the mobile application, automation of the invoicing process, and incentive competitions. All of this improves administrative and operational processes and has a measurable influence on fleet management quality.
Ecologic is a fantastic option that is advantageous to the business, drivers, and environment.
Janusz Portka, Ambra S. A. Fleet Manager