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Audiofon Matyja

Industry: Medical devices

18 July 2023

Fleet following the Sustainable Development Strategy.

The objectives for the upcoming years are to encourage safer and more economical driving as well as to simplify the work of drivers.


Audiofon Matyja is the longest-running, Polish company in the hearing care market. The company prioritizes quality of its products and services, which is why it provides a variety of the top hearing aids on the market and a staff of qualified, experienced workers to its clients. It has more than 300 branches spread over Poland that are outfitted with highly advanced diagnostic tools.

Audiofon Ecologic referencje

Fleet structure:

100 cars

49% Skoda, 44% Seat, 7% others

The average mileage of Audiofon’s company car is about 3500 km per month. Cars in the fleet are mostly Skoda and Seat models.

Determining customer’s needs

The main goal for the client was to improve driving safety. On the list of objectives were workplace digitization and process automation. The logical accounting system for personal use of company vehicles was intended to streamline administrative processes.

CSR initiatives and the sustainable development plan are equally important at Audiofon – changing bad driving habits should enhance road safety and encourage drivers to adopt better driving practices. The client decided to use gamification to make this process more appealing and to increase the sense of motivation among employees who use corporate vehicles.

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How did Ecologic help?

First edition of our gamification program – Bezpieczeństwo się opłaca, gave outstanding results, lowering the fleet’s loss ratio by 60% and cutting average fuel usage by 0,6 l/100 km. Lower fuel consumption made it possible to finance the program’s execution and the project’s completion at all stages. Drivers that participate in incentive programs are more motivated to get better and better results because of the usage of gamification, which increases road safety. The program’s upcoming edition is currently being put into practice.

Moreover, one of the program’s competitions was a charitable one. Drivers’ efforts have improved road safety while helping those in need.

The administration of the company fleet was enhanced as a result of the automation of the processes and the features provided by the Mobile Fleet Assistant, which was particularly significant to the client. Drivers have all the resources necessary to use company cars thanks to easy access to insurance policies, a user’s guide, and PIN codes for fuel cards.

System implementation time

30 days

Achieved effects

0,6 l/100 km

Decrease in average fuel consumption


Decrease in claims

Functionalities used

Incentive program

The Ecologic system has a built-in motivational tool that allows you to organise programs for employees, to encourage them to continually drive better. Competitions and challenges can be thematic.

Private mode

Drivers can turn on the private mode. They are not visible to the administrator during this time. Their trips and positions are not recorded.

PINs for fuel cards

PIN code assigned to specific car is available for driver directly in his mobile application.

Communication and automation

Current competition results, regulations, notifications regarding the incentive program – all of this is available to drivers in the Ecologic application. The system automatically provides employees with the information they need.

User’s guide

Each driver has 24/7 access to the most important contact numbers ( service, tire replacement, etc.) via mobile App. Information related to car operation and answers to questions what to do when given situation occurs.


Enables addresses of points visited by drivers to be imported. Automates route reports, showing their percentage of their completion percentage.

Insurance policies

The insurance coverage is accessible through a mobile application.

Customer’s opinion

Digitization of work environment:

We now have all the tools we need to manage company cars in one place, thanks to the Ecologic administration module. This significantly speeds up all procedures and enhances the fleet manager’s productivity. A clear mechanism for accounting private trips encouraged drivers to drive more safely and sustainably.

Employees safety:

We place a great deal of importance on drivers constantly improving their driving techniques and avoiding potential traffic problems. Our top priority is the safety of our employees. Additionally, it is very important for us that the process of improving driving skills be enjoyable and pleasant.
Bartosz Radziszewski Audiofon Ecologic

Ecologic not only assisted us in streamlining internal administrative procedures but also allowed us to motivate staff members to drive more safely and economically. All of this contributes to the company’s development in a more sustainable way as well as to the reduction of traffic dangers.

Bartosz Radziszewski, Audiofon Matyja, Fleet and insurance manager