Gamecenter – motivation and commitment

Challenges, badges, quizzes and competitions – driving the corporate car doesn’t have to be boring.

Challenges and badges

Safe and economic driving results with individual challenges and badges for the driver. Ecologic automatically generates challenges for the driver, taking into account the mistakes he makes!


Knowing the regulations is essential. Quizzes will allow you to test your knowledge about road safety. You can also create your own quizzes, i.e. focused on your company’s products!


By completing subsequent challenges, users finish subsequent stages of their stories, in which the whole company is engaged. Getting valuable knowledge is a great addition to the process. Reward those who arrive at a certain point of the story first.


Competitions will allow you to reward your best employees the easy way. Thanks to group competitions, you will learn how strong is the power of teamwork of your employees.


Win football championships

By completing the challenges for safe driving, the employees make transfers and win subsequent matches. Who will be the champion?

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Travel through the solar system

Who will be the first to arrive on Mars? How about Jupiter? Let your employees develop their hobbies.

Custom campaigns

Launch customised competition campaigns for your employees. Complete with your company’s visual identity and custom competition rules.

We know it works!

Launching the Gamecenter module will guarantee achieving clients’ goals.