A perfect car fleet management tool

Ecologic provides plenty of functionalities known from other car fleet management systems – but redefined and built from scratch.

Automated reports

Automatically receive reports and summaries that interest you.

Vehicle management

Manage your vehicles and leasing contracts in a simple way.

Automatic Logbook

Run an automated mileage allowance in your company.


React in time in case of problems with the car and avoid unnecessary costs.

Pool cars

Share the cars using the driver identification and reservation system mobile app.


Learn how and to which extent cars in your company are used.

Servicing, check-outs and insurance

Get a hold of all the important dates related to the management of your cars.

Route tagging

Analyse the extent and purpose of the use of your corporate cars thanks to tags.

Smart route management

Learn if your employees are achieving their goals and whether their visit plans have a reflection in reality.

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Detecting anomalies

Ecologic will automatically inform you whether there is something wrong with your fleet!

Intuitive dashboards and graphs

Browse all the data regarding your drivers, on more than a dozen thematically grouped dashboards.

Automated Logbook

Clear the VAT and private use of the vehicles or make it a part of the incentive scheme.

Pool cars and reservation system

Share the cars using the driver identification and reservation system mobile app.

Manage costs

Ecologic will help automate the process of assigning costs to specific entities in the company.

Manage contracts

Ecologic will inform you which contracts contain wrong parameters and help you find an appropriate solution for the problem.

Artificial Intelligence in your fleet

Thanks to Big Data and Machine Learning technologies, Ecologic will help you automate almost every process.