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Ecologic.Bot with efficiency analysis

Ecologic.Bot intelligently analyses the efficiency of the notifications sent to the user in real time. It adjusts the style and communication.

Quick advice and notifications

Ecologic.Bot will send a personalised message if it decides there is something the employee should be informed about.

  • Paulina, you’re great! Your Ecologic Index for the last month is 96! Also, you are the leader of the competition. However, remember that some of the users are right behind you. You need to keep it up!
    — Ecologic
  • Marcin, a month of the competition has already passed. You’re right behind the first three! Sometimes you brake too rapidly before traffic lights – try to be better at predicting the changes of traffic lights.
    — Ecologic

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Knowledge Center

Constant access to tutorials, hints, rules of competition and corporate documentation for the employees.

Virtual driving instructor

Ecologic will provide suggestions to the driver, about aspects that need improvement, like a driving instructor, 365 days a year. This happens regardless of the device the employee is using. It may be a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.


On a smartphone


On a tablet


On a wrist


And on a laptop