Artificial Intelligence in your fleet

We present you the solution based on the newest technologies. We are living in the 21st century, so why use obsolete tools?

Big Data

Analysis of data from thousands of cars requires appropriate tools. Thanks to Big Data technology, Ecologic is capable of creating precise driver profiles made from thousands of variables which fuel our evaluation engine and supply it with all the data necessary to build a schooling and motivating communication with the driver. All in real time.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of the most important areas of artificial intelligence. You encounter it in your everyday life more and more often – autocorrect on your smartphone keyboard, recommendation systems based on preference or optimal route selection in GPS devices.
Today, machine learning will help your fleet too!

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How can AI help you?

Let’s put words into actions. We believe that pretty much everything can be automated. See in which areas we can help you.

Leasing contracts predictions

Ecologic will inform you which contracts contain wrong parameters and help you find an appropriate solution for the problem.

Detecting anomalies

Ecologic analyses all data 24/7 and will inform you if something wrong is happening to your fleet.

Route type detection

Our algorithms learn the behaviours of the users and automatically determine the goal of the user’s journey.

Scoring engine

We analyse hundreds of parameters in real time in order to provide you with an accurate evaluation of the driver.


Ecologic conducts direct and personalised communication with every user.

Manage costs

Ecologic will help you automate the process of assigning costs to specific entities in the company.

Automate your fleet today!

Learn how we can help you optimise your everyday work. Save money and improve the safety of your employees.

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