Advanced analysis of driving style

Detection and analysis of more than 800 different events which translates into road safety.


Is the driver capable of predicting the situation on the road? Doesn’t he accelerate and brake too often?

driving track

Can the driver take turns safely and fluently? Does he brake or accelerate on the curve?

Driving in accordance
with the regulations

Does the driver exceed speed limits in the city, outside the city or on highways?


Isn’t the driver driving for too long without taking a break? Doesn’t he perform dangerous manoeuvres

Adjusting to
weather conditions

Doesn’t the driver perform
dangerous manoeuvres during rain or snowfall?


Does the driver change gears in the right moment? Does he try to maintain constant speed on the route?

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Intelligent behaviour detection

Thanks to Machine Learning, the data from the accelerometer and the vehicle is compared with a vast database of driving behaviour models, including context information. We are able to separate more than 800 events!

Context analysis

The key to proper evaluation of the driving style. Context analysis is what makes it possible to understand how the driver is acting in specific conditions.

Road type and speed limits

Thanks to Big Data solutions, we analyse the context of the driving style in connection with the information about the road type and speed limit. We are capable of separating several dozen road types including: city crossroads, highways, highway exits, roundabouts, state and local roads etc.
Thanks to that we are can evaluate the behaviour of the driver on specific roads and determine which manoeuvres pose threat to road safety.

Information about weather conditions

We collect data from weather stations worldwide in real time. We then process them using an original engine in order to better understand the conditions in which the driver is driving.
We analyse precipitation, temperature, pressure drops, time of day, ice cover on the road etc.

Thanks to that we know how are the drivers doing in specific situations and weather conditions.

Accident risk evaluation algorithm

Based on the analysis of the driver’s driving style, Ecologic Index clearly determines the accident risk.

High risk
Medium risk
Low risk

Drivers’ profiling

Our original evaluation engine allows us to build a complex and sophisticated driver’s profile which takes several dozen grouped parameters into account.

Distance distribution
Dirt road
National road
Dangerous behavior
Intersection in the city
National road
Highway exit

Information source for the virtual driving instructor

A precise analysis allows us to identify driver’s mistakes and bad habits. Thanks to that, the virtual driving instructor provides additional advice and motivates the driver to stop making mistakes.

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