Ecologic’s social responsibility

We help ensure better safety on the road to our clients and their employees every day.

However, it is too little to ensure safe driving on the roads for all road users. This is why we are trying to educate others about driving safely, not only our users. It is all to ensure that everyone can live more safely.

Social Campaign

Don’t ring and drive

About the campaign

As much as 100,000 distributed tags, celebrities’ support and social media buzz.

This is the result of our campaign which aims to make drivers aware of dangers resulting from using a mobile phone while driving.

The lack of concentration contributes to over 80% of road accidents and almost one in four is the result of using a mobile phone while driving! This is why in May petrol stations across Poland were distributing characteristic tags shaped as mobile phones, which encouraged not using a mobile phone while driving. The objective of the campaign was to draw attention to the problem and to motivate drivers to change bad driving habits.

Numerous famous people were engaged in the #bezkomórki (#nomobile) campaign: Mateusz Damięcki (actor), Katarzyna Żak (actress), Marcin Matkowski and his wife (tennis player), Rafał Adamczak (DJ and radio presented) or Anna Popek (presenter). The media published dozens of materials on the campaign. The discussion on dangers posed by using a mobile phone while driving were successfully initiated not only on the Internet through social media, but also in radio and television.
The National Police Headquarters in Poland is the honorary partner of the “Don’t ring and drive” (“Nie (przy)dzwoń za kierownicą”) campaign. The LOTOS Group, Scanmed Multimedis, Corpoflota, LeasePlan and Liberty Ubezpieczenia became partners in the project.

  • — Marcin Zachowicz
    Poland is one of the infamous leaders among countries with the highest level of risk for road users. The development of drivers’ good habits, such as fastening seatbelts and using a hands-free set while driving largely depends on education and awareness of how important it is for them and other road users. It is the habits, the simple activities, which can save our life and health one day, if we do them right.

  • — Artur Sulewski
    As much as 40% road accidents are caused by people using cars for business purposes. Numerous everyday bad habits can be eliminated among drivers by building their awareness and improving their abilities. A conscientious driver is a safe driver! Safe and optimal driving also brings measurable savings for the fleet.

  • — Aleksander Kopestyński
    Staying in touch with others is the sign of our times. Media talk much about accidents caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol. However alcohol is not the only threat. The fact that mobile phones are commonly used while driving should be considered as a primary issue for road safety

  • — Michał Iwanek
    As Corpoflota — a member of the Hitachi Group — we will be promoting activities aimed at improving our clients safety by building their awareness and using available tools, frequently by co-financing them. We believe that this will contribute to decreasing the number of accidents not only among business clients, but that it will also encourage a change of behaviours among a broader group of users

  • — Tomasz Suski
    Using a mobile phone while driving negatively affects the driver’s attention and concentration by, for instance, decreasing their field of view or lowering their ability to smoothly drive the car. It was also proved that even a conversation using a hands-free set lowers the driving safety.

  • — Stanisław Szymanik
    Health is the highest value for Scanmed Multimedis. For years we have been doing everything we can to help those, who lost it. We also encourage people to take preventive actions by participating in events such as this one, because it is always better to prevent injuries and diseases before they occur, instead of treating them.

Campaign Partners

The extensive support from our partners enabled us to increase the reach of our campaign.