Almost as much as one in four road accidents is the result of using a mobile phone while driving. The growing scale of the dangerous phenomenon is a signal to introduce motivational activities for drivers to encourage them to change bad driving habits.

This is why today we are launching the Ecologic’s nationwide project—“Don’t ring and drive” (“Nie (przy)dzwoń za kierownicą”), which aims to make drivers aware of dangers connected with using a mobile phone while driving and, consequently, to minimise the unwanted behaviour.
Due to that, on 22 April the “Don’t ring and drive” (“Nie (przy)dzwoń za kierownicą”) campaign was launched. More information at

The author and the organiser of the “Don’t ring and drive” campaign is
The National Police Headquarters in Poland is the honorary partner of the campaign.
The following firms are partners in the project: CorpoFlota, LOTOS Group, LeasePlan Polska, Liberty Ubezpieczenia and Scanmed Multimedis.

The research shows that over 47% of surveyed drivers talk on the phone while driving and as much as 65% read and write text messages. Such behaviours increase the risk of accidents four times! Yet, the number of drivers breaking this law is still growing.
The use of mobile phones while driving significantly lowers the concentration and makes it difficult to drive, which is a risk not only for the driver, but also for passengers and other road users. Not everyone realises that a mere look at the phone screen, for instance to check who is calling, takes the driver approx. 5 seconds. Considering a speed of 80 km/h, the driver travels the length of a football pitch during that time.
To sum up – you should think twice before reaching for a mobile phone while driving.